Sunday, June 26, 2016

Comfort Books

It's summer time and this summer I am completely indulging myself in Comfort Books. We all know what "comfort food" is - that indulgent food that may not be entirely good for us but is so satisfying that it comforts not only our hunger but our soul. Comfort Books do the same thing. They fully engage us, entertain us, and feed our soul.

What is your list of "Go To" reads when you just want to read something completely satisfying? 

For me, I go back to Agatha Christie, Stephen King, and a number of young adult titles from my childhood.

This weekend I found a great old hardback copy of an Agatha Christie book that I had never read before. The store was only asking $1.00 but it was 50% off the day I was in there and so I only paid 50 cents. What a fun find!

I am also rereading The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (which is just too much fun and possibly the inspiration for the movies Night at the Museum).

Here are a couple of other titles on my summer reading list:

The Tale of Desperaux
The Phantom Tollbooth
The Mysterious Disappearance of Leon (I mean Noel)
assorted Nancy Drew
Salem's Lot

And then I am going to my bookcase and clearing out some old books that may need to find a new home - I have to seriously pare it down. I may read a book from my wine collection or art / poetry collection. Who knows where this cleaning exercise will lead me.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sum Sum Summertime!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Magical Paris Hemingway Style

Paris is a magical city. That is just one of the reasons we all mourn this week. It is not just such a brutal tragedy against humanity and loss of life but it is also that Paris represents a city of light and love. More than anywhere else in the world it is a place where people can come together. There is a passion that is alive in Paris. And in a sense there is a part of Paris in us all.

Even though I have never been to Paris I have been in love with the idea of Paris for as long as I can remember.

It was no surprise to hear that the book Hemingway's Paris is flying off the shelves on

It is a beautiful book.

Hemingway was in Paris in the 1920's with other amazing writers, artists, and other assorted dreamers.

He captures the romance of the city in pictures and captions that illustrate why we all have a little bit of our heart in Paris especially this week.

When I do visit Paris I want to walk along the city sidewalks where Hemingway walked.

The book Walks in Hemingway's Paris is one of the best and most inspiring travel guides I have ever read. This book is not an ordinary travel guide with a mapped out walking tour of any old city. It takes the reader on a journey that can be enjoyed whether you ever to get to Paris or not. I recommend buying this book in hardback because you may just want to read it over and over again. (Like I have).

One of the things I love about Paris (even though I have never been there) is that it is something special for everyone who visits. It is special for a very personal and unique reason for each and every person I talk to.

When I ask Angela about Paris she will lovingly share memories of amazing chefs who have shared their passion for great food with her.

When I ask Marilyn about Paris she will lovingly share memories of great friendships and afternoons spent on balconies in the city sharing laughter and days touring the countryside.

When I ask Geoff he will lovingly share memories of the amazing architecture that constantly surprises and entertains.

When I ask Tom he will lovingly share memories of great art and talk about his plans for his next trip to Paris.

And on it goes.

One thing that all of these conversations have in common. Sharing. People sharing a passion for life.

Our thoughts are with the people of Paris. Whether you live there, travel there, or dream of Paris
Nous sommes tous les Parisiens

But you don't have to take my word for it. My friends at Travelingmom have been there. From historic Paris to Paris Disney they have great tips for your next trip. Check it out HERE.