November is all about the Smiles

Recently, wherever we go, my family has noticed that people are just not smiling. So I am dedicating the month of November to Smiles. 

We need more of them. They are contagious. And as Victor Borge famously said "the smile is the shortest distance between two people". 

Years ago I was introduced to an idea called the Smile Diet. My good friend and Hall of Fame public speaker, Marilyn Sherman was talking about this. We were talking with another friend who said that her face was hurting because she had been smiling so much on that particular day. Marilyn asked her about how much she usually smiles and she had replied Not that much. So Marilyn suggested she start a smile diet and add more smiles to her daily routine.

When I brought this up again Marilyn told me that the idea of the Smile Diet had come from another great public speaker, Mary Marcdante, in her book Living with Enthusiasm

So to start the month off check out Living with Enthusiasm either at your local library or from this link to 

Let's get smiling!