I'm having a Brady Bunch Blue Christmas

What do you do the week before Christmas, the morning of Hanukkah, with family on their way to visit, gifts still waiting to be wrapped and kids just about to get out of school for winter break?  The answer for us this year was to take everything out of our bedroom and back room, put it in the living room and have new carpet installed.

The timing could have been better. We were waiting for the furniture store to get remnants in stock that would work for our space (huge savings on remnants vs ordering in carpet) and then when they did get those remnants in the earliest they could schedule us in was December 20.  So, the 20th it was.

With remnants you choose from what has come in to the store instead of special ordering a select carpet. So, we were excited when an industrial carpet became available. The only thing about the carpet is that it is, what I am calling, Brady Bunch blue.  Yes, I imagine walking into the back room and seeing Mike Brady hunched over his architects drawing table.  I'm not sure if the Brady Bunch actually ever had blue carpet but that is the feeling I get when I walk in this room.  It totally has a 1970's vibe going on in there.

Brady Bunch references aside (other than one of the ultimate Christmas movies being a Very Brady Christmas) the idea of new carpet is wonderful until you realize how much stuff sits on that carpet and has to moved out to allow for the installation of the new carpet.  EVERYTHING had to be moved out of the rooms first.  Everything in the bedroom went into the entry hall and everything in the back room went into the living room.  Even better we have relatives arriving the afternoon of the 20th.  I told them the good news was that the family activity for the evening would be putting furniture back into various rooms.

The morning of the 20th rolled around.  The carpet went in and the relatives showed up.  They came in through the kitchen door instead of the main entry.

We put the big chair and desk back into the back room and our bed back into the bedroom.  But now those rooms are so nice and clean I don't really want to put much of the rest of the stuff back into the rooms.  Instead all the odds and ends are now our sunroom that is closed up during the winter - out of the way of day to day traffic.

I love the blue carpet.  I love the color blue but didn't think I would like the blue carpet as much.  It was more of a functional decorating decision.  But as it turns out the blue makes me really happy.

So, why is this a Very Brady Blue Christmas?  Because the blue carpet did go into the blue room. Previously there was just really bad hardwood floors that were covered by throw rugs.  But it was called the blue room because the walls were blue and our big blue chair is back there too.  There are big bright picture windows on two sides of the room and floor to ceiling bookshelves on another wall.  It is a wonderful room.  But for now the carpet is blue, the furniture is blue and the walls are blue.  Too Smurfy?

It is actually very relaxing.   This spring we will more than likely get around to repainting the walls but for now we are enjoying our very Blue Christmas.