A little Christmas indulgence

One of the great things about having a December birthday is the chance to indulge yourself, guilt-free, during the holidays.  This year has been one of the best years for that.

My kids bought me the Michael Buble Christmas album.  (I had dropped enough hints it would have been hard for them to miss on this one).  To me, the perfect Christmas indulgences include Michael Buble, an awesome chick flick and a super fun book to read (especially if it is written by a friend). I now have all the components for a perfect winters evening.

This is what I would call the perfect recipe to chill and relax or as the kids would say "Chillax". So when the snow begins to fall outside our living room window and the excitement of Christmas Day has wound down, I will curl up on the couch with a warm blanket, grab my book, pour myself an excellent glass of wine and listen to some wonderful Christmas music playing in the background (along with the sound of the kids all yelling and laughing while they play video games)

Here is my holiday Chillax Recipe:

Of course part of the recipe is what is under the Santa decoration....

I would love to hear about your Chillax recipe.