Shoveling Snow While It's still Snowing...

As a kid I was super fortunate to have some amazing women in my life.  My Mom, of course, most amazing of all.  She was always party ready.  And we had the most amazing parties.  There was Mrs. Tuttle, Mrs. Griffin, Sharon Haglund, Mrs. McFarland (second grade teacher and first person outside of my family to give me a book), and Mrs. Lowe but we all called her Mrs. Piggle Wiggle.  Outside of the women I could talk to everyday I also loved and adored Carol Burnett and Phyllis Diller.

These were all strong women who influenced me probably more than I will ever know.  But today I was thinking about Phyllis Diller.  She always talked about her husband Fang but Phyllis was clearly the breadwinner of the family.  She was always so glamorous but in a crazy, chardonnay sort of way.  She was the one who taught me to laugh - laugh out loud at myself and in the crazy circumstances I might find myself.

She once said, Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing, is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing.

Today I did both.

And after about an hour outside in the snow with the dogs and a snow shovel followed by a couple of loads of laundry back inside the house, I walked in to the kitchen and was reminded of another one of my favorite quotes from Phyllis,

Housework can't kill you, but why chance it?


  1. Wasn't Phyllis a Hoot?!? I jus' loved her. Her wisdom when it came to housekeeping was right up my alley. After all, taking chances like That could wind up being very risky. No; I think I'll jus' sit back an' watch the spider webs grow. Then, I'll do as Phyllis did an' spray it gold so I can call it lace.


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