Total Mom Day

One of the great things about being a mom is that every now and then you have a total MOM day.  Its one of those days when you give yourself up to your inner Mom and don't even try to be cool.

This was one of those days.

We woke up to a about 8 inches of new snow and it was still coming down.  More accurately it was coming in sideways.  After some googling and other internet research I discovered that the new Superintendent of schools here, formerly of Montana and prior to that Alaska, had not canceled school for the day. 

We got into action and started getting ready to head out the door and be to school on time.   This is where the day started to get MomExciting.  At some point between 6pm last night and 7am this morning there had been a run on Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches at our house.  This is not an unheard of thing in a house full of teenagers but on a morning where the snow is piling up near to waste deep it is not that great to discover that you are out of bread. Snap decision - I'll pick up lunches on my second trip out of the day when I have to go back to the school for a quick noon meeting with the counselors about next terms schedule.  Done.  OK. Now to just get out the door.

Next MomExciting moment of the day is the discovery that the kids had actually listened to me over the weekend when I asked them to clean up the kitchen.  The only problem was that I had left my snowboots by the back kitchen door and now they had tidily been put away somewhere.  After a 3 minute search of the house another decision had to be made.  OK, it was time to suck it up and drive them to school in my slippers.

I read in an interview with Dolly Parton that she never goes out or even answers her door if she is not absolutely camera ready.  This was not going to be one of those days for me.

I grab the keys, put on the parka, grab the snow shovel by the back door and head outside to the car.  I clear the snow away in front of me as I work my way to the detached garage, rethinking the wisdom of a detached garage in snow country and wondering why we haven't gotten around to dealing with that yet.  We all get in the car and barrel down the road at a steady 5 miles per hour and get to school On Time!  Mission Accomplished.

Then, (this is when the Mom wisdom kicks in) I realize that the grocery store is exactly on my way home and I could save myself time by just popping into the store now.  So, I did it.  In the snow.  I went to the grocery store in my slippers.  But here is the part that made me laugh at myself - cause I have seen people in the store in their slippers - this is not an altogether unheard of thing here in my neighborhood - I just never thought I would - the slippers I was wearing cost less than $10 at one of those mega discount stores and for some reason the manufacturer of these slippers felt it was important to make sure I knew that the fur lining in my slippers was not actually fur.  REALLY?  How about a tag inside the slipper that reads "Not intended for wear in grocery stores".  That would have been a little more helpful.

So, there I was, stylin' in my Faux Fur slippers in the grocery store being a full on Mom.  And it was ok.  After that the rest of the day just seemed to all fall into place.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be cool but today I was happy just being a Mom.