Simpler, Smaller, Smarter

Democracy works better when people have a voice and are able to participate in the process.  It also works better when people can understand what the legislators are talking about.  We are a country of laws. That is a good thing.  But most of the time the laws are written in such legalize that a regular person can't understand what they say.

My suggestion is that any law written should also include a human-readable summary.  This summary is short and clear and to the point.  It accompanies the full legal text.  An example of this can be found in the Creative Commons agreement for Internet Content.  I took a screen shot of a page to use as an example of a human-readable document and highlighted the words human-readable summary.

Democracy does work better when people have a voice and are able to participate. And people can participate much easier when they are able to understand what the legislators are trying to legislate.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough”
                                                     ~ Albert Einstein

Please join me in working toward a smaller, simpler, and smarter government.