George was Curious

Today I feel a little bit like the man with the Yellow Hat.  Or am I the monkey?  I have my to do list but I am also feeling a little curious. Hey, it's the weekend.  Isn't this what weekends were made for?

This morning I am blogging.  Not writing.  Just blogging.  Some bloggers I know are also very good writers but most blogs are an ensemble of words showing us snippets of life.  Some are informational.  Most are editorial. Whoever invented the computer mouse and enabled us to click on active links may be the one responsible for this mayhem that most of us have to deal with every day online.  Clicking from one idea to the next with an impulsive tap of the finger can lead to places never expected.

Today is a good day though.  When I check my email there are only a couple of spam emails that have slipped through the filter.  I try not to get distracted by their headlines.  Next off to facebook where the first headline on my news feed is sad news.  A friend reports that their dog has died.   What is the name of the patron saint of dogs?  I open a new tab on my browser, with a click of the mouse, and google that.  Yes, the answer is St. Roch.  Did you know there is a pub in New Orleans named after St. Roch and there is a picture of a dog there?  I did not know that until this morning.  I'll say a prayer to St. Roch for my friends who have lost their pet pooches recently.

Focus.  I have finished sending the email that should have gone out yesterday and now am back to my curious mode.  

This morning I discover there is a movement out there called SLAPP which stands for "strategic lawsuit against public participation".  This could have an impact on bloggers and so I need to know more.

I am importing Joe Walsh's new album Analog Man into my iTunes and will then import Paul McCartney's new Archive Collection.  Music always helps set the mood for creativity and motion.

My daughter is working on a project on Distracted Driving.  So I am online looking at links that might relate to that.

It's raining outside and so I am thinking about setting up the Wii so I can do my Wii Yoga inside instead of going on a long, wet, walk outside.  But perhaps I'll just check out what is going on over at Tumblr really quickly first.

This last week I was focused.  My daughter and I went to the Washington State Republican Convention where we led a workshop on Wordpress and assisted with a workshop on Analytics.   I loved hearing what all the different attendees were doing with their online projects and how they were using these tools.  The keynote speaker of the tech track, Todd Herman, was brilliant.  I could have listened to him talk all afternoon.  Better go check out CrowdVerb again.

But today I am just giving myself the day to be curious and click away, play some Wii, and maybe go out and buy a Big Gulp while they're still legal.

* I wanted to give you plenty of links here for you to click on too - Have a clickoriscious day!


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