Happy Red Rose Day

My mom always finds some reason to celebrate and June 12 is always Red Rose Day.

I have always enjoyed growing roses.  More accurately, I have always enjoyed attempting to grow roses.  My gardening expertise has been more in growing thorn bushes.

June 12th is the day to celebrate the Red Rose.

Each rose color has its own unique meaning.  The website "Sensational Color" has a great page that explains all the different colors and the meaning behind them.

CLICK HERE for the complete list of rose colors and their meanings.

This spring has been a tough one on our garden.  Our lilac tree just bloomed and even then it was a short bloom.  I love the smell of lilac in the house.  But even the blooms only lasted a few days.  

These flowers did ok and have lasted on my desk for over a week.  The only thing is, I am not enough of a garden or flower girl to know exactly what the name of these flowers is exactly.  SO, until I figure it out they will be referred to as the Long Lasters.

I will be celebrating Red Rose day by just enjoying the whatcha-makalit flowers on my desk right now.