Festival of Friends

This Song/Poem was shared with me by a friend who wrote a tribute to one our mutual friends who has died after a battle with cancer on the occassion of her birthday.  I haven't really stayed in touch with my friends from grade school and high school and I was caught off guard by this beautiful and touching tribute to a friend that I will have to wait a little longer now to reunite with.  He ended his tribute with these song lyrics:

An elegant song won’t hold up long

when the palace falls and the parlour's gone . . .

We all sleep - but it’s not the end.

We’ll meet again at the Festival of Friends.

Some of us live and some of us die.

Some day, God’s going to tell us why.

Open your heart

and grow with what life sends;

That’s your ticket to the Festival of Friends.

Bruce Cockburn

me circa 1979

If I could call you up I would.