The Smartphone Chinese firedrill

Just playing around with the features on the HTC One X phone. The camera that is right on the phone has tons of features that make it easy to take pictures, view them, and add special effects right on the cell phone. 

Then you can send them wirelessly all over the place or connect the phone to your computer and download them right to your computer. I know, I TOTALLY sound like a geezer when I say stuff like this but it is sort of amazing to me how easy it is to edit these pics right on the phone and send them anywhere instantly.

Here are a couple of pictures I took of  Dozer and Zilla.

I love that my friends at HTC sent me the new HTC One X to test out.  I'm pretty much in love with this phone.

Over the past several years we have basically done a chinese fire drill with our cell phones. Everytime we have gone in to renew our two year contract there seems like there is a special offer to get a new phone with the new contract.  We have been offered the option of either picking from last year's model for free or getting this year's model at a reduced rate as long as we extend our contract for two years.   

Two years in the life of a teenager can seem like an eternity! My kids are very good negotiators.  So, as it turns out they end up with the new phone and I get the retired phone. Needless to say, with six people in the family I have adopted a number of retired phones.

Now after several retired Blackberries, walkman phones, flip phones, and a variety of smart phones ( my daughter has yet to retire her iPhone ), I have a NEW phone.

Now I just have to master the skill of the self portrait.  Kids seem to know intuitively how to hold their arms out fully extended and snap a perfect picture of themselves but this is a skill I am still working on.   Here is my first attempt with my new HTC One X. 

Did I mention I love this phone.

Slideshows to follow of my favorite ways you can mess with your pictures on the HTC phone.

Until then Happy Snapping!

You can also see some of my pics on instagram by visiting my twitter @maryheston