Bringing Home the Silver in the Annual Women Who Wine Cornhole Competition

Karey preparing for fierce competition
This was a difficult post to write because I was trying to think of a more glamorous or elegant name for "Bean Bag Toss".  Tuesday night was our Annual Women Who Wine Cornhole competition.  I just hate the name Cornhole and have not really ever met anyone who knew that it was the name for a competitive bean bag toss game.

Cornhole is similar to horseshoes in a way but if you are drinking wine it is much safer.  Instead of wielding iron projectiles at the target you are tossing bags full of corn.

The object of the game is to get these bags in a small hole on a raised board. Fact of the matter is, I had never heard of Cornhole. Apparently, it is actually such a popular "Sport" that there are entire websites devoted to it. See

To help you out a little, here is a video of us warming up before the big competition.

Last night my team brought home the silver.  We were in a fierce competition with team Three when Karey tossed three consecutive bags right into the hole to take the Gold.

After a fun evening of friendly competition I can say, with all the expertise that two hours of Cornhole provides, that the fabric bags were far superior to the nylon bags.  The nylon bags would hit the board and slide right off.  The fabric bags seemed to stick a little bit.

Everyone who participated brought a small wrapped gift and so actually everyone who played walked away with a prize.  The Gold winning team got to choose first and then the deal was that if someone else picked something they liked better then a swap could be arranged.  But this never happened.  Everyone was delighted by the secret prize they selected.

The Scoreboard
The key to the entire event was having an awesome chalk board to keep score.  We may have been lost without it.


As this was only our 2nd Annual Cornhole competition we could all still be considered rookies.  We established the rules before we started and stuck with those rules throughout the competition.  We kept it pretty simple and I am happy to report that there was no Cornfusion all night.

Still aren't sure about Cornhole?  Check out the Wikipedia explanation HERE.