Happy National Bow Tie Day

August 28 is National Bow Tie Day. 

I think my kiddo would be happy if every day was bow tie day. 

A few years ago we saw a lime green bow tie and he really wanted to add that to his collection. I thought to myself "If he even wears it one time I will be surprised" but it was really inexpensive (big shocker) and so we bought it. 

This last February he had the opportunity to be a junior MC at a charity event and was asked if he could wear a suit top and bow tie. Hold on to your seat cause here comes the best part. The color theme for the event was lime green. So of course he was dressed PERFECTLY for the evening. 

Do not fear the bow tie. 
Do not buy clip ons. 
You can do it. 

Here is a little video tutorial from Bill Nye the Science Guy to help you out.

So go ahead and tie one on!

If you don't own a bow tie consider adding one to your wardrobe today! 

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