A Working Getaway

Here's the routine: Get up early while the house is still quiet, make some coffee and get in a few minutes of quiet writing time. Then the kids wake up and its time to get lunches together, make sure everyone has everything they need before driving them to school and then the phone starts ringing and the emails start piling up. Of course, there is always that laundry basket staring at me from across the hallway and the dog-hair-dust-bunny, that has somehow become a dust monster, that is lurking around the dining room buffet table.

Even sitting here now typing out this post I am distracted by the one million other things there are to do around here.

Last week my hubby had to travel out of town on business and so I went with him. While he was working all day I stayed at the motel and worked on the netbook. It was wonderful. No laundry to do. No beds to make. No meals to prepare. We like to stay at places that have kitchenettes in the suite so we don't even have to go out to eat. It's fun to find a really cool restaurant that is unique to the area and go out once in a while but it's also really nice to be able to stay in and have a bowl of soup and a diet coke instead if I'm not feeling like a huge dinner event.

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The other amenity that I like is the workout room. At home I get my workout just running upstairs, gathering all the laundry, lifting that and then running it all down to the basement into the washing machine and then back upstairs again once the laundry is done. It's nice just being to get on to a treadmill for 15 to 20 minutes, work up a sweat and then take a nice hot shower and then get back to work.

I try to do this several times a year just so I can gather my thoughts and focus on what projects I need to get done in the upcoming months. On occasion I have even gone to the next town over just to get away and work for a couple of days so that I could finish up a big project with limited interruptions.

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PS One of the things about traveling with a family of 6 is that often times you have to book two rooms because there is a 5 person limit and so it can get pretty expensive even at a budget motel. I always try to find a Residence Inn when we're traveling because you can find rooms that accommodate the entire family and they are fully equipped with kitchens and a work area along with all the other ammenities that you would find at regular motels. It's like having your own fully equipped condo wherever you go.  And when traveling with 4 kids, who all have different favorite foods, its nice to be able to fix a small, healthy dinner right in your room that isn't just take out pizza.

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