Can't Idaho catch a break?

There was a tragedy in Idaho on Saturday.  A plane crashed.  The pilot died. This is really not anything to laugh about or make fun of.  But for some reason the headline read
There was another headline that read "Idaho Plane dropping toilet paper on GOP event before crash".  Of course the headline caught my attention but here is the problem; the plane was part of the GOP celebration (as far as I can tell from the actual article) and it was dropping streamers on the event.  In Idaho we generally do use toilet paper in our bathrooms and we really do know the difference between Streamers and TP.

I love the state of Idaho but it seems like there is a serious lack of a good PR department at the State Department or Tourism Department or whoever it is who works on making sure the state puts forward the best face possible to the rest of the country and the world.  The only news you hear from the state is in headlines like this one or a story about a giant potato. Can't Idaho catch a break.

Come on AP!  Was it really such a slow news day that you had to write an article about a plane dropping toilet paper in Idaho.

I am sad for the pilot and his family and everyone at the event who witnessed this tragedy.  Take the politics and the TP jokes out of it.  Someone died providing a service that should have brought joy to people.  This is one of the problems we face today - we are disengaged from the humanity of the story and we laugh at the toilet paper.  I love a good toilet paper joke and I'm all about celebrating National Toilet Paper Day but not at the expense of another human being.

In our era of digital disengagement lets strive to reconnect with each other and face our humanity not just write up fast sexy headlines designed to get people to click on the article regardless of the content of the story.