Constant as the North Star

This week is National Suicide Prevention week.  It is a good thing to think about because depression leading to suicide is a terrible thing.  Over the past decade I have been involved with Wired Safety, the longest running and oldest Internet Safety organization.  One of the primary conversations has been about Cyberbullying.  Over the years there have been too many kids who have taken their lives over being cyberbullied.  I have met the parents who have had to deal with this and they are good parents.  It is hard for me to put myself in their shoes and wonder if there was anything I could have done differently.

From everything I have read and studied over all these years there is one thing you can do for another person.  That is to be there for them.  When you see something that concerns you be sure and tell them that you are there and that they want you to PROMISE you that they will not hurt themselves.  Make your friend promise you that they will come to you.  Be their North Star.  A promise is a very powerful thing.  Someone who is considering suicide may not worry about themselves but if they have made a promise to you then that could make the difference.

But I am constant as the Northern Star,
Of whose true fixed and resting quality
There is no fellow in the firmament.
The skies are painted with unnumbered sparks;
They are all fire, and every one doth shine;
But there’s but one in all doth hold his place. 
~ Shakespeare from Julius Cesar

Be someone's North Star.  

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