Where are we going to dream about going today?

The leaves are changing, the kids are in school, the laundry is never-ending. It's time to get a nice, hot, cup of  coffee and dream about our next adventure.  That is the thing I love about being involved with the TravelingMom network.  There are so many fabulous moms who are writing about their favorite places to visit with their family from the perspective of a mom who has actually been there.  I'm not getting the hype of some PR company who may or may not know the challenges I face when packing up 4 kids, taking two dogs to a doggie hotel - or bringing them with us - cleaning a house so that it will be clean when we get back and making sure the budget is in line with our vacation plans.

Traveling Mom Barb Likos with Johnny Depp
lookalike on Castaway Caye
Traveling Mom has just put out their fall get away magazine and it is filled with not only some of the best fall get aways from Traveling Mom but most of my favorite escapes too.  I love the caribbean and dream about a trip to Atlantis.  And I really do LOVE Orlando.  Our dream vacation in Orlando includes a trip to Hogwarts.  Traveling Mom sent me a link to their new magazine which I have posted at the top of the column on the right.  Check it out and let me know where you want to go on your next dream vacay.