Celebrating the Well Dressed Man

This weekend is International Suit Up Day.  We celebrate this particular event every year.  But this year there just seems to be more to celebrate.

I love when I find companies who have particularly good social media teams.  A few years ago we all started buying Old Spice again because of the Old Spice guy.  This year I have been delighted to follow Mens Wearhouse on Twitter and Facebook.  Their social media team makes checking in with their facebook and twitter fun.  (I missed their Happy Hour tweet today about a $5 off your next purchase - it won't happen again) They have authentic tweets and they don't fill your twitter feed with spammy sales pitches.  They keep the conversation interesting.  You should follow them - you'll have fun - I guarantee it.

The next phenomenon that happened to all of those who appreciate wearing a suit for just the ever so slightest reason....

Gangnam Style!

Yes. Dress Classy Dance Cheesy.

It has been a good year for suits and we're looking forward to celebrating International Suitup Day again on October 13.