Merry Christmas

Now that we have all survived the end of the Mayan calendar I thought it was time to update the header on my blog.  As you may know I change up my header with the theme of the month.  This may be contrary to the advice of branding experts who tell you to find a logo and give your audience something to identify with.  But the theme of this blog is celebrating every day and since it is my personal blog I have decided that I will change it up on a regular basis.

This header features my buffet table during the holidays.  Every year I pull out a cardboard version of the nativity that was given to me by my parents.  It is the same nativity that my mom put up on the top of our player piano every year.  So I'm not entirely sure how old it is but I am pretty sure that it is more than 45 years old, possibly older.

I also like to select one of my Build-a-Bears to sit in as the Christmas Angel.  The bear in this picture is Ahboo and is dressed in his finest Jonas Brothers build-a-bear outfit.  This year Build-a-Bear certainly deserves to sit as the Christmas Angel as the company sent out a bear to every student at Sandy Hook elementary school after the tragedy in Connecticut.  I know all of those bears are doing their best to be Christmas Angels this year and bring a little peace to each new family who has adopted them.

We also place our advent wreath next to the nativity scene.  This picture was taken last year and we went non-traditional with a series of 4 tall green candles and big fat candle in the middle.  This year our candles have returned to the traditional colors of white and pink/maroon.  We have fun as a family lighting each new candle each week and singing Christmas carols together.  We also go around and say what we are praying for during the Christmas season.  The kids kind of giggle because I typically pray for patience.

The thing I love about our holiday traditions is that they are a wonderful combination of the past, present, and future.  We have something that was brought in from when I was a child and from when my husband was a child, the build-a-bear is a new addition, and our prayers are always a hope for the future.

Merry Christmas to you and to your entire family with prayers for a wonderful, happy, and prosperous New Year.

~ Mary