Where will you Rock Out in 2013?

What Music Festivals are you planning on going to this year? We have been introducing our kids to live music performances since they were very young so I didn't think twice about ordering tickets to see All Time Low for a concert in Seattle WA last October. Little did I know I would be introducing them to their first Mosh Pit.  It was wild.  Sound sytems blew.  Bras were thrown onstage.  At the end of the night everyone walked out sweaty with big smiles on their faces. (All Time Low fans are just awesome that way I guess).

On a recent cross country flight I sat next to a couple of younger type folks who had just been to a huge music festival in Miami.  They were telling me about all the music festivals around the country and the world and how they love traveling from festival to festival.  It made me want to look into it more.  This infographic by event supplies and concession machines shows that they are not alone. Rock Festivals are not only a fun way to see your favorite bands but also to see different parts of the world.

So, where are you going to be Rocking out this summer?

Music Festivals Infographic
Infographic Provided by EquipSupply

* this is a sponsored post by Blogvertise but again all of the sweaty details of the All Time Low concert and my opinions are my own.