Top 10 Classic Most Romantic Movies to watch with your Valentine

This week is all about Valentines Day. My last post was all about the Perks of having a Hanky nearby when you watch the movie Perks of Being a Wallflower which will be in stores this week.

THEN I found out that Skyfall is coming out on BluRay this week Too!  Another great Valentine's Day movie. After seeing Skyfall in the theater this last December we immediately bought the soundtrack.  The music is phenomenal.  The movie is even better! What a great week for movies!

The topic of romantic movies has been in the forefront of most of my casual conversation with people and I have heard from more people than I ever expected that they were watching "An Affair to Remember".  A classic romance for sure but really not my favorite Valentines movie.

To help my misguided friends stuck in an Affair to Remember rut I have put together the perfect Classic Valentine's Day Movie List.

Here is the list of the Top 10 Classic Most Romantic Movies of all time to watch with your sweetheart:

10. Casablanca - this one often makes the #1 spot on many lists and while I do LOVE this movie it only came in #10 because there were so many romantic movies of all time to choose from.  Love is not lust and sometimes hard choices have to be made.  Life does not always play fair when love is involved.  This movie is beautiful cinematically as well as having a cast that is perfectly matched. It is the only black and white movie that made the list.

9. Die Hard - This has been argued to be the most romantic movie of all time.  John McClane walks over glass in his bare feet to keep the love of his life safe from the evil Hans Gruber (played deliciously by Alan Rickman).  This movie has it all and should be on every couples Valentine's Day play list.

8.  Ghost - This has enough murder, mystery, and mayhem to keep everyone into the story line.  Besides that this movie was spoofed by Leslie Neilsen in Naked Gun which has to give it enough street cred to keep your guy watching.

7. Moonstruck - Cher and Nicholas Cage pre-plastic surgery and fake teeth.  This is a fantastic movie that we love watching over and over again.  

6. Thomas Crown Affair - the Remake.  While I do swoon over Steve McQueen who starred in the original Thomas Crown Affair (and semi-secretly swoon over his grandson  Steven R. McQueen in the Vampire Diaries) the original version of this movie is slow and really just a little weird.  Pierce Brosnan plays the ultimate bored playboy in this movie of cat and mouse.

5. Bride and Prejudice - Based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice (I know what a shocker - you wouldn't have guessed that from the title) this movie set in India takes you on a wildly fun and visually delightful Bollywood version of the classic.  

4. King Kong - That big ape would do anything for Fay Wray!

3. While you were Sleeping - Super sweet movie that shows that true love is not just about a spectacular set of eyebrows.  Besides that, even guys like watching movies with Sandra Bullock.  If they don't want to watch WYWS you could opt for one of her other Valentine's Day classics like Speed (the original - not the second Speed - that one was terrible and there was really no chemistry between her and the leading man.  This second movie was doomed from the start because we start out just being pissed that she is not still with Keanu Reeves character from the first movie and there is really no good explanation for this provided).

2. Strictly Ballroom - You must purchase this movie if only to watch the one scene at the beginning of the movie where Scott's mom wonders "What she Did Wrong!" Over and Over again.  It's brilliant.  Thematically the phrase "Una vida vivida en el miedo es una media vida vivida" appears several times throughout the movie punching home the point to go out and take chances.  Live your life.  This movie made the list because ultimately Fran helps Scott be the best person he can be and that is what it is all about - when being with someone brings out your best.  Even though the movie action takes place in a Ballroom Dance studio it is still a great movie to watch with your sweetheart.

1. The Princess Bride - How can you argue with Twue Wuv

Honorable Mentions:

Gone with the Wind would have made the list if it weren't so dang long.

5.  The Notebook - Nicholas Sparks did get it right on with this one. The only other Nicholas Sparks movie that I have purchased is "A Walk to Remember" which is a good movie to watch with your teens too.  The Notebook was originally in the top ten but it is just too much of a chick flick and the point of this list is movies to watch together with your Valentine.

4.  Dirty Dancing - Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

3.  Overboard - Very silly very fun movie about finding yourself and your Arturo.

2.  My Big Fat Greek Wedding - Love can prevail in spite of the extended family.

1. Groundhogs Day - Watch out for that last step! It's a doooozy.

What's on your list?  Remember - these are movies you watch together not just the ones you make him watch.

Happy Valentines Day!