Happy National Jewel Day!

March 13 is National Jewel Day! Yes another reason to celebrate.  This year, not only is it National Jewel Day, it is also 3-13-13 which is kind of awesome in and of itself.

I don't wear alot of jewelry but I do appreciate a lovely Jewel. And as my friend Carissa Rogers from GoodnCrazy.com reminded me, I did grow up in the Emerald City.

For my friends at Travelingmom.com if I were to travel to celebrate this day I would

But I am not traveling today, so instead I am just going to go online and visit my friend's website Cynthia Wolf Jewelry and watch the slideshow of beautiful jewels on her landing page THEN go to her facebook page and see what is new there (it is really a beautiful facebook page worthy of 'liking').

Here are some other ways to celebrate National Jewel Day:
  • Project for kids: Find out which state is the Gem State and find out if their state has a state gemstone
  • Figure out what your birthstone is
  • Read the article from the Examiner on their take on National Jewel Day (they have recommendations as well with various ways to celebrate today)
  • Send a note to someone in your life who is a true Jewel.
  • Listen to the soundtrack from Wicked especially the song "One Fine Day"
  • Go see the movie OZ the great and powerful in theaters now
  • Watch the Alfred Hitchcock classic "To Catch a Thief" with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly
Happy National Jewel Day!