Reason to Celebrate: My Workout, My TV, My way

Here is a definite reason to celebrate.  A Twitter Party sponsored by Revolt Fitness and featuring guest Larry King.  Join us on Tuesday March 19th at 9pm EST to find out about these exciting new innovations.  The great thing for me about and RevoltNowFitness is that they let me choose when and where I get in a workout.

What is the Revolt Uprising from JD on Vimeo.

Larry King has teamed up with the richest man in the world Carlos Slim to bring a new channel of TV news. Ora.TV - This channel is only on online.  Your news your way.

This is what I love about our new mobile world.  You decide.

So check out these very cool new sites and join us on Tuesday to hear from Larry King himself about this new project and about Revolt Fitness.

Revolt Fitness and Larry King Twitter Party! Use Hashtag: #revoltnowfit. March 19th at 6pm Pacific/8pm Eastern. RSVP below with your Twitter handle. Great prizes: Joovy Zoom Jogging Stroller, $100 Amazon gift card, and more! ==========================

I am excited about being a sponsored panelist on this twitter party thanks for RevoltnowFitness. All my opinions are my own and I am looking forward to finding out more about these new programs.