Follow up to "There She Is"

Yesterday I told you about the Miss America skit my Mother's friends pulled off at one of her meetings. My Mother is an Uber Miss America fan and in a previous post I had relayed a story about watching Miss America with my Mom when I was a child.  Fond Memories. My Mother's childhood friends had printed off that blog post and recreated it in a skit.

When my Mom told me about their skit I had to blog about it. So, I relayed my Mother's side of the story. But then last night I received an email from the person responsible for the skit and she provided the other side of the story. Of course I have to share that with you too.  
The Miss America skit was quite a challenge. We had  worked on it ever since we read your blog.    
First, we could not find aluminum TV dinners.  So we found Styrofoam and I sprayed them silver -- have to be careful to get a spray that does not disintegrate the styrofoam.  Then I went on line and got the pictures of corn, potatoes, and chicken and glued them in the sections. Do you know that TV dinners do not have separate sections anymore?   
Retro clothes are expensive, and I could not find a green and white dress.  Then, I find out your mom still has the dress. SURPRISE SURPRISE!!  The apron was as close as I could get with a white blouse.  I go to alot of estate sales and antique stores and no "Miss Anything Sash" was to be found -- thus Miss Pelican.  
My husband and I had a blast putting it together.  We decided we should clue your Dad in, and he was not very enthused. THEN he gets worried we might embarrass your Mom in front of the group.  
In the end, we did it and it was such fun.  Your Mom is a delight and such a good sport about it. Thanks for the blogs.  My partner in crime is also a childhood friend of your Mother's.

This was so much fun. I love that my blogging life has spilled over into my Mom's life.  Her friends did a really good job of recreating the moment.  

I think I must have been a challenging child because there were many times when she would say something like "Just wait until you grow up and have kids of your own..." or something like that.  It is fun for me that I am still causing a little bit of mischief in her life.  I think it keeps her young.

For more mayhem read Carissa Roger's version of "The Paper Caper"

But most of all it is a testament to my Mother and the lifelong friendships she has made and the crazy life moments she inspires.  

Life is an Adventure!