We are all connected

This blog is usually about reasons to celebrate.  My heart is heavy today thinking about all those families in Oklahoma and my friends who are tweeting from shelters in Arkansas. Life is a precious thing and some days we take that for granted.

Today I attended a lunch fundraiser for Women Helping Women and the question of the day was "What brings you Joy?" My mind was immediately filled with those moments spent with friends and family when I laughed until I cried. These were happy memories and I was glad that there were so many of these moments to remember.

When I came home from this event the news about the devistation in Oklahoma was worse than I had originally heard.  Then I learned that Zach Sobiech passed away. I didn't know Zach.  I had not even heard about him before today. But his life's story is something that has to be shared.  His life message was one of making people happy.  Live life with Joy.  You don't have to wait to hear that you are dying to start living.  Watch his story here:

Tomorrow if you have the luxury of small problems then find something to be joyful about and share that joy with someone else.

To help the families in Oklahoma consider visiting the Red Cross Website and donating.

To help kids who have to spend time in hospitals consider donating to Child's Play - an organization dedicated to making every kids stay in hospitals a little bit more normal.

We are all connected.  Share your heart and make the world a better place.


  1. Yes. Prayers for the families who lost children and especially for those children yet to be rescued in the debris. We spent time huddled with our dog in the bathroom but the tornados didn't touch down in our part of Arkansas.


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