Family Roadtrips

This past weekend half of my crew set out in our Suburban for a family roadtrip.  I took two of the kids and my hubby stayed home with the other two who all had to work over the weekend.

This is a preview of a post about our Family Reunion weekend.  My Mom had declared the weekend of July 26th as the Mount Pitt Party and so she invited me, my family, my brother's, extended family, and childhood friends to all meet up at her house and climb a mountain together (literally).  So, we did.

On Wednesday we loaded up the car with our State Farm Roadtrip Safety / Emergency Kit and we were ready to roll at the crack of dawn Thursday morning.  State Farm provided this awesome Roadtrip Safety Kit as part of a summer safety campaign that kicks off tomorrow on Instagram.  Follow all the fun @Travelingmom and @SheBuysCars on Instagram using the hashtag #SFRoadtrip.  This is a sponsored event and I am thrilled that it coincided with my preplanned roadtrip.

I'll be posting the full report here next week after I get all the pictures developed from our trip. But in the meantime I wanted to share with you a video of my mom doing her famous Egg Drop trick at our family reunion weekend that is now going down in history as Wadestock 2013.

* watch carefully: there are 3 eggs stacked on top of 3 toilet paper rolls on a tray above 3 glasses filled with water - when the trick works (like in this video) the eggs land safely in the glasses of water. And since the theme of the month of State Farm Safe Road trips I thought this was the perfect video.

If you have never seen this trick done before  prepare to be amazed! You are looking at 3 eggs stacked up on top of 3 glasses filled with water.  The trick is to snap the tray they are stacked on with a broom and have the eggs land safely in the glasses of water.  Go ahead and DO try this at home - just make sure to give yourself plenty of room and try this in a place that is easy to clean up in case it doesn't work...

Disclosure: State Farm provided me with the Road Trip Emergency Kit;
opinions and thoughts about road trip safety are all my own.