Challenge Accepted! Three things to do to make your State Farm Safe Summer Roadtrip more fun

Earlier in July State Farm sent us a Safe Summer Roadtrip kit.  This kit arrived in a decorative nylon bag that was very cute but contained power packed supplies including a safety bag that has the orange reflective triangle to put out roadside alerting other drivers that you have pulled over to the side of the road in need of assistance (ever car should have one of these in them for sure).  Other items included snacks, bug spray, spf 30 lotion, maps, wipes, super duper tiny flashlight, jumper cables, and a State Farm stuffed puppy along with a few other very cool safety items.

We had already planned a roadtrip for a family reunion but, inspired by this State Farm road trip kit, we ended up taking several road trips in the month of August.

Whenever we head out on a road trip there are a couple of things we do before even leaving the driveway:


We open up the hood of the car and check the coolant levels, window washer fluid, and other fluids.  Typically we see at least one car pulled over on the side of the road with the engine over heated.  Summer driving can be hard on a car with the higher temperatures and longer driving distances.  Making sure the coolant in your car is at the appropriate level is an easy thing to do before heading out on the road and it can save you big headaches down the road.  This is truly one of the easiest things to do.

Along with this we also spray the windows with a RainX rain repellant.  This really helps keep your windows clean on long road trips and makes it much easier to rinse off any big bugs that you may run into.  Also if you do run into some rain showers it helps keep your vision clear by having the rain bead off your window so your windshield wipers don't have to work so hard.


We have four kids and so this means that sometimes there are empty water bottles in the car or wrappers of some kind on the car floor.  We like to start out our road trips with a cleanish car.  It is easier to be able to see quickly if you have everything that is supposed to be in the car when there isn't a lot of stuff in there that doesn't need to be there.


Even if you are pretty sure you have your insurance and car registration in the car and up to date it only takes a few seconds to do a visual check to make sure your paperwork is in your car, in an easy to reach location, and up to date.  When you are on the road and need to use this information is not the time to find out it is missing or out of date.

Doing these 3 things and making sure your safety road trip kit is restocked after each road trip will give you piece of mind on the road and allow you to have more fun on your summer road trips.

So, next time you head out on your summer road trips take a few minutes and make sure you have checked your fluids, cleaned out your car, have all your paperwork and tossed your State Farm safe road trip kit in the back.  Happy Trails!

Highlights from the 4 road trips we took over the past 4 weeks:

Road trip #1 Family Reunion
Activity: Climb a Mountain (what were we thinking?)

Road trip #2 In search of great Used Book stores
Mission Accomplished Bellingham Washington

Road trip #3 Explore new places
drive around Park City Utah in a rental car
(Can hardly wait to get back there when there is snow)
Not naming the type of car we drove because after renting it would not end up buying it.
*picture compliments of the public domain

Road trip #4 Wind farms of Southern Washington
the SE corner of Washington State used to be best known for its wine country but now there is a new industry.
*picture compliments of the public domain

These road trips were inspired by the sponsored event going on on Instagram over the past several weeks - follow #SFRoadtrip on Instagram and Twitter - all opinions, destinations, and comments are my own.  The fact that I am a long time State Farm customer did not have anything to do with my participation in this program but I do love my State Farm agent who has worked harder for us than any insurance agent anywhere ever. 

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