Grito de Delores! And Kai in Cairo

September 16 is Mexican Independence Day.  (It is also my mom's birthday and another very special birthday too - see below).  Having a birthday on a holiday pretty much gives you a built in theme for your party.  So, tonight she is whipping up tacos for 11 people.  She loves parties and this one is certain to be another one of her great parties.  When I spoke with her this morning she said it might get a little wild as all of the guests who will be there tonight (except for my dad because he is not actually a guest he is the host) are 73.  She didn't want the party to get slowed down by inviting a bunch of old people - so no one over 80 was allowed on the guest list.

Today I have sent her a bouquet of brightly colored flowers in honor of Mexican Independence Day and her birthday. 

According to the Wiki page the exact details about how this day became the day to celebrate Mexican Independence day is sort of up to interpretation.  It was rewritten differently by just about every historian that wrote down the events that established September 16, 1810 as the official Mexican Independence Day.

So what this says to me is that it is also open to interpretation how we choose to celebrate this day.  I will be on the road carting kids to various extra curricular activities and so our celebration tonight may involve a drive through Taco Bell.

My friends at KidZania are also celebrating a very special birthday today too! KidZania was founded in Mexico City (so see, this really does all tie in together and is not a complete tangent).  Today marks the grand opening (birthday) of KidZania Cairo as it expands KidZania’s worldwide portfolio to 15 kid's city locations. To date, KidZania has hosted more than 31 million children at its signature real-life, kid-sized city edutainment experiences. KidZania is now in 12 countries around the world, including Mexico, Portugal, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, UAE, Chile, Thailand, Kuwait, India and most recently, Egypt.

At KidZania they say Kai instead of Hi and so I suppose you could say Kai from Cairo and feliz cumpleanos to all my friends who are there today celebrating this awesome achievement that will bring so much joy to so many kids around the world.

Today is a day for celebration!

To everyone celebrating today 


And to all of those having birthdays today (even if they are in Cairo)

feliz cumpleaños!