Happy New Year! L'Shana Tova!

There is a new show on cable TV sponsored by Ancestry.com called "Who do you think you are?" In each episode it follows a famous person as they research their family tree and they find out where their family came from.  It is a fun show even aside its obvious plug for Ancestry.com.  I discovered that Kelly Clarkson and our family (at least on my husband's side) both had relatives who spent time in Andersonville prison during the Civil War.  So, we have that in common. 

If I were to go on that show I would find that I have quite a mish mash of relatives and backgrounds.  One of those lineages goes back to my Jewish relatives.  As it was explained to me I am only about 1/8 Jewish but there are still some strong Jewish traditions in our family even today.

This evening is the beginning of Rosh Hashana the Jewish New Year.  And since this is just a part of my family background I do think about this celebration every year.  My prayers go out to all of my Jewish relatives and Jewish friends for a peaceful and re-energizing Rosh Hashana.  

Regardless of your religion or beliefs this is a really nice celebration.  It is a time to reflect back on your year and think about the mistakes of the past year and all those things that you may have done wrong and how you are going to do better in the next year.  I think this is a very lovely practice.  

The food that goes along with Rosh Hashana is also fantastic.  Especially when it falls at this time of year when the apple harvest is in full swing.  It is tradition to dip apple slices in honey to represent the hope for a sweet new year.  You can also dip bread but I recommend the apples slices.

This celebration continues from sundown tonight until Friday night.  

So regardless if you are a devout whatever it is you are or whether you celebrate your spirituality a la carte this is a good week to reflect on the mistakes of the past and move forward into a sweet new year.

L'Shana Tova!