50 years ago today

I thought I was getting my very first haircut when it happened.  (I don't remember it). Fact check: I was in the basement of JC Penney in Bellevue Square at the Penney's Pixie Pinups photo place getting my picture taken and the Television center was nearby with 11 television sets tuned in to the news showing the events of the day.  My mom updated me on this fact because coincidentally came across that picture, taken on that very day, just last night.

In this blog I love talking about every day celebrations.  Sometimes those celebrations are memorials.  Today is one of those days.  A celebration of the life of a President who changed our lives forever.  He changed the way we look at our President.  He changed the way campaigns are run.  He challenged us to do better and not to reach out for government assistance but to step up and do what we could for our country, our neighbor, and ourselves.  He had great style and a great smile.

John F. Kennedy: Profiles in Courage Memorial Edition

Since then there have been a few moments when we all stopped and paused and took a collective deep breath.  We remember collectively those moments when Martin Luther King and RFK were shot.  We remember where we were when we saw the first man walk on the moon (WOW).  We remember when Olga Korbut put her feet in front of her face on the balance beam and got a perfect 10. After the 1972 Olympics there was a surge in signups for girls gymnastics and it inspired my auntie and I to go to gymnastics camp - but that is an entirely different story! We remember where we were when we all watched as the first teacher launched into space and then moments later when the Challenger exploded before our very eyes. We remember where we were on 9/11 2001.

We remember.

The next step is to do something about it.

Today is a good day to Celebrate Freedom and to go out and do something about it.