NOV BOOKCLUB: The Art of Racing in the Rain

Dogs are part of our family.  Both my husband and I had childhood pet doggies that had a massive influence on our lives.  After we were married it was really just not possible to have a pet because we were both working and moving so much it would have been too much of a challenge.  When we finally settled down we adopted Lightning.  He was an amazing dog that would talk to the neighbors and somehow people knew what he was saying.  He was a kind hearted soul and we had many great adventures together.

Now we have Zilla and Dozer.  They are such different dogs from Lightning but they have huge personalities too.  Recently, a friend gave us a copy of The Art of Racing in the Rain.  This is not a new book.  It has been out for awhile and tons of people have told me that I need to read this book.  With that many people telling me that they loved the book I became a little skeptical.  But when our friend gave us his copy my husband decided it would be a fun book to read together.

This Saturday we are having our first family bookclub meeting.  Anyone who has read the book is invited to participate.

I just finished reading the book last night and can tell you (spoiler) it is about a dog and it is written from the dogs perspective.

When I told Tom that I had finished the book he started to tell me what he thought the book was really about.  It became clear to me at that very second that our bookclub meeting is going to be a lively one.  I didn't agree with assessment at all.

I would love to hear what you thought about the book.

Reading this book together inspired us to start a family bookclub and so in December we will be reading The Book Thief.  This book was chosen by our teen daughter who has suggested it is possibly one of the best books ever written.

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