Reason to Celebrate #329: Harmony between Disney and Twitter

Today Disney announced that they are adding Twitter Chairman and Square CEO Jack Dorsey to its board of directors.  This is really fantastic news because I am a huge fan of Disney and even a huger fan of Twitter.  Ok so it probably should say even bigger fan instead of huger (not sure if huger is even a word) It doesn't matter.  I'm celebrating.

Twitter just went public on the New York Stock exchange and while this may not mean much to everyone in the world it has been an interesting month to watch this stock. Search $TWTR on Twitter for the buzz from investors.  While many IPO's open with much enthusiasm and then their stock prices drop initially this was not really the case for Twitter.  It opened above its initial offering and has gone up steadily over that past month.

It will be interesting to see where it goes from here but there is so much excitement on Wall Street about this stock that it is easy to imagine the price continuing its upward trend.

And as long as we're talking about stocks Disney has had a couple of really good years and is on the rise too.  It remained pretty steady over the past 10 years around $25 per share and began rising in 2011.  Today the price of a share of Disney is $73.28.  

With Jack Dorsey on the Board at Disney the future is looking very bright not only for the Disney Park visitors experience but also for the investors.


YES - I LOVE DISNEY.  It's true.  Last May a friend of mine revealed that she had never had a Disney Princess birthday party.  This was just not ok.  SO, on her birthday we all celebrated out inner Disney Princesses.  It was a surprise to Sarah who we had decided was actually Pocohantas at heart.  The funny thing was that just before the party she posted a picture of a salamander on her facebook page which is Totally a Pocohantas move. Also seen here is Rowena who arrived celebrating her inner Disney Princess, Mulan.  It was one of the most fun parties ever.  And yes, I tweeted about it.

I really do love Disney.  Last year I was changing up the header on my blog every month to convey the theme of the month. That was until I went to DisneyWorld for a conference with the Travelingmoms  and I took the picture that is now the header on my blog.