Junk in the Trunk or #TrunkJunk

It's a New Year.  This always happens right in the middle of winter.

We live in snow country and so winter driving is always something that we have to deal with. We have a white pickup truck that is only a 2 wheel drive and so he gets to sit out in the snow and wait until the roads clear to get back on the roads again.  He doesn't do any good at all on snow and ice.  We call him Waldo and sometimes we play a game of Where's Waldo when it gets real snowy.  Maybe I'll have to get him a goofy hat for the winter so he's easier to see.

We name all of our cars - I think it makes them drive better when they feel like they are part of the family.  Over the years we have had Louey, Maggy, Lenny, Skip, and Dobby, join our family for a while, just to name a few.

Since we expect harsh driving conditions every year we always have a bucket of supplies in our back trunk.  

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We keep everything in a big bin.  It keeps it all together and if you ever need to switch cars it makes it easier to do that too. Also, when you need something from the bin you need it.  You don't want to be having to look for stuff all over the place or find out it was used and not replaced.  So, just like we remember to check the smoke alarms at Daylight savings we check the junk in our trunks at New Years.

For us these supplies include:
  • space blanket
  • compact TV blanket
  • duct tape
  • reflector (I don't like flares but those really really work - it's important to have something to alert oncoming traffic that you are, hopefully, on the side of the road)
  • cans of fruit (this serves as food and liquid) with the pop off lid - you don't want to find you have canned food and no can opener
  • first aid kit
  • energy bars
  • fire starter
  • My husband likes to keep a socket wrench kit in there but I'm not sure what that is for
  • kitty litter (this doesn't need to be in the bin - it helps add a little weight to the back of your car if you have a smaller car and if your wheels get in an ice rut you can pour some kitty litter in front of your tires and it gives them something to grip on to)
That is the basic supply kit we keep in the back of each car but sometimes other items make it in there too.  Basically some lite camping gear:
  • camp stove
  • other assorted food items
  • can opener
  • compass (in case the gps on your phone is not working its good to be able to go old school)
  • water purifying tablets
What Junk do you Keep in your Trunk?  CLICK HERE to read State Farm's Winter Driving page - it is really good.

The TravelingMoms are going to have another awesome #TMOM Twitter party talking all about our #TrunkJunk.

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See you There!

We would also love to see a picture of your trunk.  Tag your trunk photos with #TrunkJunk and #TMOMphoto on Instagram.

Safe Driving!

Full Disclosure: This post and twitter party are sponsored by State Farm.  My opinions, enthusiasm for winter driving, and names of my cars are my own.  I have been a State Farm client for years but that also did not influence any part of this post.  But if you do need to talk to an awesome State Farm agent I do happen to know a couple.