Thank you for the Shoutout Chobani Bear

There is really nothing that came close to the excitement of seeing my beloved Seahawks win their very first SuperBowl ever.  That being said there were a few commercials that really made me smile.

One of those commercials was the Chobani Bear looking for something with natural ingredients in the mini grocery store with the hashtag #HowMatters.  I could totally relate.

This morning I woke up to a ping on my twitter account that the Chobani Bear had sent me a shout out.  Thank YOU Chobani.  This was a great way to wake up this morning.

Am I buying more Chobani from now on?  You Bet I am!  
Am I already a fan of their Greek Yogurt?  ναί

You can check out more fun from the Chobani Bear on the Chobani website and on Twitter by following the hashtag #HowMatters

This post has that "sponsored" vibe but this is all in response to the ShoutOut from the Bear. Thanks Chobani Bear!