Countdown to Comic-Con: 4 days to Go

or Life's an Adventure!

When I talk to people and tell them that I am going to Comic-Con there is one of two responses:

1.  TOTAL excitement and enthusiasm


2. What? What's Comic-what?

There is no middle ground.  People have either heard of Comic-Con and totally get what it is all about OR they have never heard of it before.

So, if you are in category 1 but are not going to be there you can check out my updates and follow along for all of the fun OR if you have no idea what it is I will attempt to convey via pictures and tweets what it is all about as seen through the eyes of a first time attendee.

Here are the Social Media Links where we will be posting updates:







We're both on facebook but those updates will be after the fact.

So follow along, leave a comment.  It would be great to know about what you are interested in hearing about.

Now I have to go pack, check out the Comic-Con blog,  load up the car, and hit the road!  See you there!