Halloween Friends & Family with Omaha Steaks

You know what I LOVE about Omaha Steaks? 

Yep, just about everything. But besides that I love:

  • That the company delivers delicious steaks right to my doorstep
  • That the steaks are packaged so perfectly so that they arrive ready to cook up to perfection
  • That once you are a customer of Omaha Steaks the company takes exceptionally good care of you? OR
  • That Omaha Steaks is having a Halloween Friends and Family 20% off coupon
Two years ago my brother found that his work schedule required him to travel most of the month of December and he had not finished up his holiday shopping. So, he pulled up the Omaha Steaks website and with a few clicks had sent everyone steaks for the holiday. It was fantastic. During the holidays I don't want to have to think so hard about what to fix for a special dinner. With a few Omaha Steaks on hand I don't have to think.

Back to my brother. He called last week and said that he had received an awesome email from Omaha Steak reminding him of his previous orders and asking if they could help him again this year. He loved it. It was even easier this year.  He called me up to tell me about this so that I could act surprised. Thanks to Omaha Steaks you can check it out and enjoy a 20% off coupon. Over the next couple of days use this 20% off coupon compliments of the Pirates at Omaha Steak.

I was happy to be asked to participate in this 20% off promotion. Yes it is a promotion and sponsored by Omaha Steaks but I would have put this coupon out there even if it weren't. I'm a huge fan of anyone / anything that makes my life easier and more delicious during the holidays. All of my comments on Omaha Steak are my own AND the fact that my brother is a returning customer even before this promotion is true.