Merry Read Aloud Christmas

One of the things I love about the holidays are those special quiet moments with family around. The quiet of the snowfall and candlelight flickering from the fireplace mantle. It's a time to focus on the family and those things that make life special. It's holiday songs and Christmas prayers. It's a warm fire in the fireplace, making Christmas cookies with a friend, and celebrating the simple things.

It can also be hectic if we overschedule. There are office parties, school programs, shipping deadlines, and all of the other distractions of everyday life.

One way to dial it back and take that time to celebrate those quiet moments is by reading aloud. When you read aloud you have to turn off (or at least turn down) the TV, you put the gadgets away and time melts away because it is only about the person reading and the people who are listening. And words can be musical and magical. This is why I love the Stay at Home Mom Read Aloud Christmas book. It has a great collection of Christmas poems, carols, and stories that are best read aloud. The reason I know this collection is awesome is because I was the primary contributor to this book.

Some of my favorite memories are those of my kids curled up in my lap and listening as we would read these great classics to them. All of the kids have grown up to be readers - they read for school and for fun. And now that they are older it is fun sharing with them their favorite books. And it all started by reading aloud.

So, when things get hectic this holiday season, take a moment, curl up on the couch with your little one, and read some great holiday poems.

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