Tiffin Steadicam Curve: Cooler, Cheaper, and Cleaner than the Alternative

With four active kids I have files and files of blurry digital pictures of them. I have tried cameras with stabilizing functions but sometimes you are just in motion.  Earlier this month I had the opportunity to meet the team from Tiffin at CES and learn about their newest rendition of the steadicam the Steadicam Curve.



This is my crew pre-steadicam

They love hitting the slopes but they also love taking video of their days in the Terrain Park. I have stopped worrying about the crazy jumps years ago but I still worry about them sliding down the hill holding their camera in their hands trying to get a great video, watching the camera instead of watching where they are going (they are very safe boarders but I still worry).

With the Tiffin Steadicam Curve they can get that really cool video while paying more attention to where they are going than to taking the video. As a mom I don't have to worry about the kids cruising down the slopes and taking video as they go. They can keep their eye on the slopes and not the shot - they know they are going to get a great shot.


In a side by side comparison the Tiffin Steadicam is much cheaper than the alternative.

Tiffin Steadicam Curve                        Should Surgery

$99.95                                                       $11,978

As you can see the Tiffin Steadicam Curve wins every time. Even if you have a rocking health insurance plan the deductible alone will set you back over $2500 for the shoulder surgery. (Unfortunately, I know this first hand. Wish we had known about the steadicam years ago).


When I came back from CES and was telling my kids about the steadicam they just cooly replied "Yeah, sounds like it would be alot cleaner than the alternative". I asked them what the alternative was and they showed me this video:

Actually, the steadicam by Tiffin is cleaner, quieter, and safer than trying to strap your camera on the head of a chicken.

Thanks to Techlicious for introducing me to the Tiffin team. The only thing is... I wish I had found out about this years ago. I think this may be my newest favorite baby shower gift. I'll include a note: Trust me - you'll need this.

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